Creativity workshops Discover your creativity using photography as one possible means of expression

Journey down the road
Explore light and shadow
Discover your creativity…

The “Dancing with light” workshop experience

The “Dancing with light” experience aims to guide participants on a journey that awakens a personal creative capabilty that is enriching and lifelong.  A camera is available to most people and so we use this tool, some technical learning and insight into the creative process to map out an individual journey intended to bring joy and fulfillment into your life.  Dancing with light alumni are encouraged and supported in developing the dedicated practice that is right for you and that brings lifelong benefit.  The ability to express yourself more fully and completely is the creative experience at its best.

In a “Dancing with light” creative photography workshop you will experience a few days of creative discovery in a location whose charm invites exploration. Opportunities to apply the creative guidance received from your personal photography tutor and creativity coach will abound.  Taking advantage of the “golden hours” of light; each morning and evening you will have the opportunity to create images that express your personal vision.  Mid-days will be free for relaxation or informal talks and instruction with your coach.  If the workshop is outside the Ottawa area accommodation will be be in a regional Inn or Bed & Breakfast.  Optional group dinners will offer local cuisine and the chance to share the stories and images from your day.

  • Creativity
  • Relaxation
  • Food
  • Friendship

[aesop_quote width=”content” background=”#408080″ text=”#ffffff” align=”center” size=”1.5″ parallax=”off” direction=”up” quote=”“You create your own life by how you see the world and your place in it” ” cite=” – Ken Robinson”]


You will learn to explore the camera as a  simple box for capturing your vision of light and shadow. Your tutor will introduce a few key words to help you handle the camera as creativity tool but will not burden you with them.

Learn what you need,  take what you wish.

You will personally explore and reveal what unique benefits will be yours by including creativity in your life. To help establish your creative practice you will discover seven key creativity tools that offer easy shortcuts to creative expression through the making of beautiful photographic images :

  • Finding your muse
  • Seeing light and shadow
  • Viewpoint
  • Design and composition
  • Taking charge of your creative controls
  • Focus and mood
  • Bending light

A personal journal will be yours to  refresh your memory of key creativity tools, guide you in exercises to open possibilities of expression and to record your personal insights during and between image making experiences.

The “golden hours” at the beginning and end of each day will focus on guided image making with your tutor.  The rest of each day will be available for learning techniques, personal reviews and free time to enjoy the area chosen for the workshop.


To continue the flow of your  journey of image and memory making you will have new abilities, new perspectives and new tools. At home, share your portfolio with friends, personalize your living and work spaces and use your new memories as stepping-stones to sustaining and enjoying the benefits of a creative practice.

To assist you in your creative future, “Dancing with light” also offers “Golden Hour” group photo shoots, individual creativity coaching and supplementary workshops to improve technique and deepen your creative vision.

[aesop_quote width=”content” background=”#408080″ text=”#ffffff” align=”center” size=”1.5″ parallax=”off” direction=”up” quote=”Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” cite=” – Pablo Picasso”]


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