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a little about Kyrstina


I, Kyrstina Stronach have been photographing for 7 years, after completing the Photographic Studies course at Academy Canada in the year 2010. During my time at Academy Canada I developed an amazing relationship with my instructor, Alex Shields and his wife, Judy. It is then I learned the basics of Photography, and my love for the field grew with each day. Alex continued to mentor me after graduating when he allowed me the great pleasure of photographing the convocation, and as the years went on I always looked to him for criticism and advise. In 2014 I attended a 2 day workshop with a remarkable photographer and teacher, Dave Brosha, where my work changed drastically. In just 2 days I learned a lot about natural light and indoor light which was my biggest challenge at the time. 

My love for photography started in the year 2000, when i watched my god father photograph my own parents wedding, though it turned out to be a short marriage, I still treasure those photos and he will forever be the reason I got into this amazing journey. 
During my time after graduation it was difficult to find a job in my field of studies and so I returned to working in home care, a position I had since I was 16. Ive worked in a few nursing homes as well as a few one on one cases and have loved my job since I had been introduced to home care. 

In the fall of 2015, I began working for the largest photographic company in Canada, Lifetouch. The seasonal position allows me to continue my own journey during the off season when im not trying my best to capture your child's yearly portrait and best smile. 

Summer of 2016 came around and I found myself with an amazing opportunity with the remarkable Aamie Gillam of AGP Photography. For the better portion of the summer I had learned a great deal of skills and advise as she allowed my the honor of photographing along side her and her husband, Jim Spurrell. Aamie and Jim make a great team working side by side, complimenting each other as they work together for the passion they both share. 

The beginning of 2017 came around and i had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady, Monica Lamkin, it seemed we shared a love of photography that Monica would quickly learn she never knew she had. I spent the next couple years mentoring Monica as she quickly developed a new love in the world. Today we work together to capture your families favorite moments and life goals. 


A little about Monica

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